Scientific drilling ship will make a Puntarenas port call

This is the drililng ship that will be making a port call. Photo: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

The JOIDES Resolution, a drilling ship, is expected to be in Puntarenas today to change scientific crews for another foray to study the earth’s crust off the Costa Rican shoreline.

The boat is participating in a series of projects. The most recently completed one involved four weeks of work off the coast of the Osa Peninsula. More than 30 scientists participated.

The new mission will take samples 900 kilometers, about 550 miles, off the country’s Pacific coast.

The results will help to address a fundamental question of geodynamics — the structure of the ocean crust, said the organization, the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.

The 143-meter (469-foot) vessel is specially designed to remain stationary in the ocean while its drill penetrates hundreds of meters into the crust. The areas of the exploration are active earthquake zones.

The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica at Universidad Nacional said that the next expedition would penetrate rock 15 million years old nearly 5,000 feet under sea level. The vessel’s crew is supposed to find an existing drill hole and deepen it.

The organization is international and draws its scientists from many universities and academic institutions. The vessel is scheduled to depart on the new expedition Sunday.

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