Water company ignores big leak in Rohrmoser

I live 100 meters north of SuperRoma, the last boulevard in Rohrmoser. On Saturday morning, April 16, I noticed water spouting out of a leak about 25 meters north of my house. I called AyA–got no response. I called a second phone number I found in the Women’s Club Handbook–again no answer.

Then, I asked an employee who spoke Spanish to call. He did, but said it was Saturday–there would be no answer. The water has continued to leak since then. I called again on Sunday, and on Monday asked a Tico neighbor to call, thinking he might have better luck. He told me, “This is Semana Santa. Nothing will be done until next week.”

This is really an OUTRAGE. In a country which often lacks potable water, are there no EMERGENCY resources or outlets to deal with this situation?

I am an American living in Costa Rica, and I cannot believe that such waste could occur here. Doesn’t the government and its agencies need to work to protect the resources which allow people to live here?

I await your response.

Sima F. Hecht

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