Weather institute plans a network of monitoring stations

The nation’s weather service is expected to announce Thursday the creation of a network of climate stations for the purpose of monitoring climate change.

The project is a joint one with the Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo and the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

The agency said that high tech would be used so that the country can be prepared to confront the challenges of climate change, which may include flooding, drought and other changes.
The presentation of the project will be at the Universidad de la Paz at Ciudad Colón, which is a United Nations dependency.

A principal result of warmer temperatures is expected to be a rise in the sea level. Oceans have been rising for 10,000 years, but now beach communities are threatened. Limón and Puntarenas have water in their streets at seasonal high tides already. In addition, the country’s maritime zone where building is restricted is determined by the mean high tide. Legislation would be needed to keep the 50-meter zone where building is illegal from invading existing structures on the other 150 meters of the maritime zone where concessions are allowed.

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