Armed robbery suspect dies in shootout in San José

A man with a record as an armed robber died in a shootout Saturday, and a second man, believed to be a bodyguard, suffered a bullet wound to the back.

The incident took place in San José as three men in a vehicle tried to hold up two men in another car. Dead was a man identified with the last names of Hernández Herrera, said the Fuerza Pública. He died a few minutes after reaching a hospital, and police confiscated a 9-mm. pistol from him.

Based on information from witnesses, police were able to intercept a vehicle nearby and detain two men, including one that carried another 9-mm. pistol, police said.
At the shooting scene police located an injured man who also carried a 9-mm. pistol. He told attendants on his way to the hospital that he fired when gunmen tried to stick up his boss.

Police also located a second vehicle, probably the one belonging to the victims, in which they found $20,000 in cash.

The Judicial Investigating Organization will have the job of sorting out what took place as it investigates the shooting.

In an unrelated weekend case, Fuerza Pública officers detained two men on a motorcycle after a chase. The men, residents of Barrio Cuba, are suspects of a series of street robberies. Police said they confiscated a .22-caliber pistol.

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