Beach cleanup volunteers collect 4,335 kilos of trash

This is what volunteers confronted Saturday on the Gulf of Nicoya coast. Photo: Asociación Terra Nostra

Some 275 volunteers returned to Playa Guacalillo at the mouth of the Río Grande de Tárcoles Saturday and collected 4,335 kilos of trash that filled up 250 bags. The haul included 53 vehicle tires as well as eight for agricultural use, said Asociación Terra Nostra.

This was the fourth cleanup of the season and the second time a stretch of Playa Guacalillo was the location. The effort is part of the program “Costa Rica, te quiero limpia.” The Ministerio de Salud supports the program. The program also is supported by commercial enterprises, and social groups including Banco Nacional, Channel 7,
Pastas Vigui, S.A, Desert Development Co., the Rotaract club and Coopemep. Students from the Liceo Braulio Carrillo de Tibás also participated.

The Saturday effort inaugurated a new category of trash. It is called unclassified plastic. The Ocean Conservancy identifies it as pieces of plastic that are not bottles or other containers. These are the bits of plastic that usually end up in the ocean and can be doll parts, pieces of toys, and just plain plastic junk. There was 1,125 kilos of this material collected, Terra Nostra said.

Much of the material collected during the six-hour cleanup will be recycled, the association said.

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