Crime and crooked cops cut down tourism flow

The reason that North Americans are not going to Costa Rica as much anymore is twofold. #1 crime and #2 tired of dealing with bribe dealing police. Another reason is your news stories about political corruption and rising drug infestation.

The North Americans are very Internet savvy and want to be safe. Period. I have been to Costa Rica seven times and plan on going again in July. On my last trip I had nine family members with me. We got our rental cars and left San José as fast as we could for the country. We never went over the speed limit but were passed out by Ticos (because the police don’t ticket them, just tourists ). I wonder why ? In America, if a cop is caught taking a bribe, they get fired.

OH! did I mention the rising taxes on foreigners. Don’t get me wrong. I love Costa Rica and America is having huge problems of their own, and you can blame the same people in both countries with the same problems: P O L I T I C I A N S.

Howard Daniels Jr.

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