Earthquake monitoring station goes into service near Jacó

Another earthquake monitoring station has been installed on the central Pacific coast. This one is near Los Sueños south of Jacó, according to the Cruz Roja.

The Cruz Roja is the rescue agency and is a close observer of disasters and disaster planning.

The monitoring station is operated by the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica in Heredia. The observatory has 36 stations around the country and provides real time readouts on its Web page.

The observatory also is in the process of modernizing the monitoring stations by replacing analog devices.

There are now 14 digital stations in service.

By comparing the reports from the various stations, scientists can calculate the magnitude, location and depth of a quake.

The central Pacific is very active because the Cocos tectonic plate is being subducted under the lighter Caribbean Plate. There also is the Panamá microplate to the south that is in collision with the Cocos plate.

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