Every rainy day here is like a new driving test

The highway agency came out with a list of warnings for motorist now that the rainy season has arrived.

The message was not unique: Break evenly on wet roads because they are slippery. Keep lights on in bad weather. Be careful in moist fog that also can rob efficiency from breaks. Make sure tires are adequate and within the legal limit of tread depth.

But there are a few aspects that the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad did not mention.

1. Giant rocks might come tumbling down on Ruta 32 around the Zurquí tunnel. Ditto for the Autopista del Sol and the Interamericana Sur.

2. Roaring streams might suddenly take away the roadway beneath and any nearby cars. Not to mention flash floods. After all, some places get 15 feet of rain a year.

3. Some crazy nuts will roar by at high speeds even when the visibility is just 15 feet. His brother is parked in the middle of the highway around the next curve.

4. Hydroplaning is bad but much worse when the tractor trailer is doing it sideways coming down a hill right at you.

5. The best use of alcohol is when the weather looks terrible and expats decide to stay home and drink instead of braving the highways.

6. That dip in the roadway fills up in a few seconds and unwary motorists are swept out to sea.

7. Crocodiles have a habit of strolling across the highway during heavy rains. They respond badly to fender benders.

8. Frugal motorists and even taxi drivers will only use their wipers occasionally even in the heaviest of rains. It is your responsibility to watch out for them.

9. Traffic police are really surly when they have to cover an accident in the driving rain.

Bad weather is not always a laughing matter. The highway agency reports that there were 81 fatal accidents last year during rainy weather and 213 other mishaps when visibility was restricted by the weather.

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