Expat dead in Jacó is considered robbery victim

Investigators believe initially that two men found dead near Jacó early Friday were the victims of a robbery. However, they are checking into the background of both men for other motives.

Dead is Jacques Cloutier, 59, identified as a Canadian and a cattleman. Found with him was Luis Antonio Angulo Díaz, 70, a long-time employee from La Cruz in Guanacaste.

Cloutier has spent many years in Costa Rica and had a cattle operation in Osa. He and Angulo were reported to be in Jacó to purchase land and brand cattle. Angulo had come from La Cruz to help.

This is why investigators suspect a robbery. They believe Cloutier was carrying a sum of money that attracted a robber.
The bodies were found in the front seats of a vehicle off the main highway in Quebrada Amarilla in Jacó.

Reporters could not establish positively over the weekend that Cloutier was the Jacques Cloutier who for years headed J & J Homes, Inc. in Florida.

A man by that name is involved in an effort in the Sala I of the Corte Suprema de Justicia. The case is an action to collect on a U.S. Federal Court verdict in favor of the Edwards Family Partnership LP for more than $18 million.

The owner of J & J accumulated many debts in the Sarasota, Florida, area because of the real estate decline, and associates there told the Sarasota Herald Tribune that the man spent a lot of time in Costa Rica. The Cloutier from Florida has Costa Rican residency and a cédula.

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