Figure on more of the same for the afternoon

he last hurricane season was a doozie. On Sept. 16 there were three hurricanes in the Atlantic. The 2010 season was considered very active. But what about 2011? The hurricane season begins officially next week. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it expects another above-average year. See the Atlantic and eastern Pacific predictions

Today would not be the day to forget the umbrella in the Central Valley. More of the same is predicted: A hot, humid morning giving way to heavy afternoon downpours.

The rainy season is well under way, and rain is possible every afternoon this week.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the weather is being influenced by humidity being carried into the country from the Pacific.

The downpours are selective. For example, reports from the weather institute’s automatic stations show that Tres Ríos got no rain since 7 a.m. Sunday. But in San José some 17.9 millimeters (about seven-tenths of an inch) fell after 7 a.m. Monday on top of the 31.1 millimeters (about 1.25 inches) the day before.

Liberia also had afternoon showers, but the traditional weather patterns continue.

The weather institute said the probability of rain on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone was near zero.

The mountains are likely to get the rain, and the institute issued a morning bulletin warning of possible landslides and flooding. Mentioned specifically was the Central Valley and the Pacific coast, with an emphasis on the south Pacific.

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