Four convicted in robberies and kidnapping of exec

Two men and two women have been convicted in the kidnapping of a business executive and for holding two youngsters for the purpose of taking money from automatic tellers. The case was in the Tribunal Penal de San José and involved events at the end of 2009.

A woman with the last names of Luna Orozco and a man with the last names of Araya Quirós received a total of 63 years in prison on charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping. A woman with the last names of Arthur Arias and a man with the last names of Guevara Pereira got a total of 48 years for the same crimes.

The kidnapping took place Dec. 22, 2009, when crooks intercepted a man in the La Sabana area and forced him to take money from an automatic teller machine. They took the man to Cartago and kept him confined while they sought a ransom from his family. The victim was associated with an automobile sales company.

In the other cases, the women were said to meet victims in upscale bars and take them to places where they would fall into the hands of the other criminals for the purpose of emptying their bank accounts with the automatic tellers.

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