German tourist leaves bite mark as evidence of robbery

A German tourist was the victim of a robbery in Puerto Viejo Friday, but she managed to mark her assailant by bitting him on the hand, said police.

Police said the man grabbed the woman around the neck in a hold that is called a candado chino that frequently causes unconsciousness. Police said the woman surrendered a small amount of money but that the man grabbed the woman’s purse. In the struggle she fell to the ground crying for help.
That is when the man tried to quiet her by placing his hand over her mouth. Police said the woman bit him and left a mark before he fled with a camera.

A short time later police officers were questioning a man who happened to have a bite mark on his hand.

After they received word of the robbery, they said they quickly found the man again and detained him.

A judge in BriBri imposed three months of preventative detention on the man.

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