Haiti’s election council asked for an explanation

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti has called on the country’s electoral authorities to explain as soon as possible why their results from three districts in recent legislative elections do not match the figures of local and international observers.

In a statement released yesterday, the mission said it took note of the final results announced Tuesday by the Provisional Electoral Council in the 18 districts where the original results were contested.

The council set up a special office to re-tabulate and verify the results in those cases, in cooperation with observers from Haiti’s National Human Rights Defence Network, the Organization of American States and the Caribbean Community.

In 15 of the 18 cases, the office’s results matched those of the observers, but not in the cases of the other three districts.

The peacekeeping mission called on the council to post as soon as possible the decisions of its special office and to explain to all concerned parties, including the candidates, the reasoning that led to these decisions.

President-elect Michel Martelly is scheduled to be inaugurated Saturday after he won the run-off round earlier this year, but his party did not win many of the legislative races.

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