Isla del Cocos trip inspired ocean-themed gallery show

Artist in residence Carlos Hiller has returned from volunteering for one month in Cocos Island where he painted murals and organized the first art exhibition on the island.

So the Hidden Garden Art Gallery is presenting his latest works inspired by this trip in an exhibition that opens Saturday though May 20. The opening will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The show consists of 10 paintings. The gallery is five kilometers (about three miles) west of the International Airport in Liberia.

During the month-long visit by Hiller at Parque Nacional Isla del Cocos Island, he created several murals, transformed existing buildings, embellishing and integrating them within the environment. The predominant theme is the ocean.

Among the month’s working time donated by the artist, Fundación Amigos of la Isla del Coco collaborated with painting materials as well as Area Marina de Conservación Isla del Coco, which provided the coordination, transportation and lodging.

In addition, Hiller held the very first art exhibition ever on the island: an underwater themed exhibition inspired by Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean.

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