It’s Twilight Zone time at the Asamblea Legislativa

Once in a while A.M. Costa Rica prints an article about the absurdity of political life in Costa Rica that just leaves me speechless!

Wednesday’s article entitled “Concessions, Caldera highway come under legislative fire” is a classic! Therein one of the legislative geniuses who could and probably should be standup comic instead of legislators said that “Arias pushed the highway project even though the Costa Rican state was not prepared institutionally to guarantee the success and oversee the project,” although the project has been in the works for 30 years.

So 30 years isn’t enough time for the bozos-in-charge to figure out how to manage what they were going to build? Someone should get a medal!

Even more incredible was the subsequent statement by the esteemed Sr. Villalta that “some unions have given him their support for an action of unconstitutionality directed at an article in the Free Trade Treaty with the United States that allows private insurance firms to sell workmen’s compensation insurance.”

So let me see if I get the gist here, Sr. Villalta and his ilk believe that the long-standing insurance monopoly which like the vast majority of monopolies charges high rates and gives lousy service is constitutional, but busting the monopoly and allowing competition among insurance providers which will undoubtedly lead to lower rates and better service to their customers Sr. Villalta’s constituents is UNconstitutional.

Wow. That’s simply breathtaking in its disingenuousness. Someone change the channel! We’re stuck in the Twilight Zone!

Dean Barbour
Manuel Antonio

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