Judge’s ruling on Mexican drug duo to be probed

The Tribunal de la Inspección Judicial has launched an investigation of the judge who agreed to let two Mexican drug smuggling suspects wait for trial in an apartment instead of prison.

The decision raised a firestorm, and the judge, Kathya Jiménez Fernández, will have a chance to rule again Friday when appeals by prosecutors and the security ministry are heard. The ministry claims it does not have the resources to provide security to keep the two men in house arrest. There also is a
concern that other persons might try to free them.

The investigation is preliminary, and no one has suggested that the judge did anything illegal or outside the range of her authority. Meanwhile while the men still are in prison where they have been for seven months.

The two men, Rubén Martinez Trujillo, and Elvis Mendoza Rivera, operated a company that owned a drug-laden plane that crashed in Pavas Oct. 10. They were detained while trying to cross the border into Nicaragua Oct. 11.

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