Judicial police identify suspects in Jacó murder

Judicial police have identified two Russians who are suspects in the torture murder of a U.S. citizen in Jacó Sunday.

The two men were detained shortly after the victim’s girlfriend gave the alarm when she returned to the couple’s luxury home in the center of Jacó about 7 p.m. One of the suspects was found still inside the home when police arrived.

The suspects were identified by the last names of Karasev and Slovora, according to the Poder Judicial. Although a U.S. citizen, the victim, identified as Pierre Beauvais, also was Russian by birth, friends said.

Prosecutors asked a judge late Tuesday that the men be remanded to prison for six months preventative detention while the investigation continues. One of the suspects also is believed to be a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Police found the victim inside the home bound hands and feet. He also had a plastic bag around his head in an execution style popularized by television shows. Although police said the man was smothered, friends reported that there was considerable blood at the scene. Beauvais, was 71 and had lived in Jacó for years.

The suspects are facing robbery allegations in addition to a murder count. However, agents still are uncertain as to the motive for the crime. Friends speculate that the intruders planned to remove much of the furniture and other goods within the home but they were stopped by the unexpected arrival of the girlfriend.

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