Judiciary just couldn’t hold Corredores drug suspect

A drug suspect in Corredores, southern Costa Rica, managed to convert three separate orders that he be jailed into home detention. Then he fled. The man is Panamanian and is accused of selling drugs.

The Poder Judicial outlined the case of a suspect named González Arauz Friday and said that the Tribunal de la Inspección Judicial is opening an investigation:

April 6 a judge in Corredores ordered the man to be jailed for three months while the case was investigated. A defense lawyer appealed, and an appeals panel voided the order April 14 because the judge’s decision was not recorded. The same day prosecutors again sought and received an order remanding González to jail for investigation. The next day defense lawyers appealed and the appeals panel overturned the order.

The man was arrested again and the lower court judge again ordered preventative detention because the suspect was considered a flight risk.

April 29 the appeals panel again heard the case at the request of the defense and ordered house arrest. The panel heard that although the man did not have a fixed address, his mother would allow him to stay at her home in Paso Canoas. That town is adjacent to the Panamá line.

May 2 the man was listed as a fugitive.

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