Killer of student receives 98 years of confinement

A court has sentenced a Jamaican man to 98 years in prison for the murder of a judicial agent in San Antonio de Escazú and the death of a 20-year-old student in a Los Yoses crossfire.

He is Lionel Perkins. The student, Milena Madriz, died Oct. 29, 2009, as she was walking down a sidewalk in Avenida Central. Perkins had a dispute with another man which erupted into a firefight.

Killed the following Nov. 3 in San Antonio de Escazú was Randall López Garita, the judicial agent. There was a fire fight as agents tried to capture Perkins and a juvenile who subsequently also was convicted of murder.

Despite the sentence, the law only provides for sentences of 50 years. The case was in the Tribunal de Juicio de Goicoechea.

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