Mexican drug suspects faced with new charge

Prosecutors have filed a second charge against two Mexicans who were seeking to leave prison for house arrest. They are Rubén Martinez Trujillo, and Elvis Mendoza Rivera.

A hearing on the house arrest petition is scheduled for this morning in the Juzgado Penal de Pavas. A judge ordered the men to be placed in house arrest. They have been in La Reforma prison.

Prosecutors will argue today that they cannot follow the judge’s order because of the expense. The new charge is supposed to help keep them in prison.

They were seeking to move to Sabana, but the landlord canceled the contract. The neighbors in Moravia successfully protested for several days.

The men are the owners of a drug-laden small plane that crashed on takeoff from Tobias Bolaños airport. They have been in jail since Oct. 11, the day after the crash.

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