Ms. Chinchilla broadens her definition of security

When Laura Chinchilla ran for president, a major thrust of her campaign was security, which most interpreted as fighting crime.

However, in a speech prepared but not delivered at the end of her first year in office, the president has expanded greatly that theme to include even global warming.

She now defines security in a number of ways and outlined them in the speech titled “We are constructing a secure country”

She detailed her administration’s achievements in social security and well being, economic security, environmental security and sustainable development, as well as citizen security.

Said the president:

Never before as now has the word insecurity defined our life together: Insecurity of the laborer before a job market
each time more demanding, insecurity of investors before an unpredictable economy, the insecurity of the young before an uncertain future. . . insecurity for agriculture and all the inhabitants before the threats of climate change, insecurity of our families in the face of losses to crime and violence.

The president also put in a plug for her tax proposals, but added that she is flexible and open to new ideas. Her 14 percent value added tax has not found a lot of support in the legislature.

Ms. Chinchilla said that her administration is improving the collection of taxes and the control of tax evasion. The tax department is in the process of identifying thousands of persons who have not registered as taxpayers and tax officials are putting a least 1,000 homes on the list for the luxury tax, she said. In addition, she said that tax officials were reviewing the value of 250,000 properties with the possibility of collecting more transfer tax.

Costa Ricans typically undervalue real estate drastically to avoid paying the transfer tax.

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