Perpetual tourists distort the important statistics

With reference to your article published May 18 about tourism numbers.

For years I have had problems with the tourist numbers published by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

As everyone knows there is a distorting factor that does not seem to be addressed — the legion of the so-called perpetual tourist.  It would be interesting if someone could provide some numbers as to just how many people fall into this category.

As I have no idea as to the real number, assuming there are say 100,000, to make the math simple, that would mean
that 100,000 people leaving and coming back into the country at least four times per year, distorting the true tourist numbers by about 400,000 visits or about 20 percent, a significant amount when planning for transportation, hotel
rooms, employment, expense budgets and income.  Even if there are only 50,000 people going in and out four times per year the numbers are off by 10 percent or 200,000 people, which is still a substantial number.

Perhaps can provide some information on the real perpetual tourists numbers and publish them?

Simon Shaw

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