Plaza Mayor planning sculpture expo

The work is 'Cargando su destino' by Edgar Zúñiga, who will be at the weekend event. It means burdened or loaded with his destiny or fate.

Some 22 sculptors will display their works and techniques at the first Festival Escultura Mayor 2011, called that because it is taking place in Centro Comercio Plaza Mayor in Rohrmoser from Thursday to Sunday.

Although the exhibition has commercial origins with Auto Mercado and the plaza mall, the event also is being sponsored by the Asociación Costarricense Época del Arte and the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud through the Museo de Arte Costarricense.

There will be 22 sculptors, known and unknown, showing their work, said an announcement.

There also will be a Peruvian singer, a classical guitarist, a ballet great to be honored and flamenco guitars.

Sculptors will demonstrate their techniques in a tent that will be erected in the plaza’s parking lot, said the announcement.

Those invited by the organizing committee are Adrián Gómez, Amalia Delgado, Aquiles Jiménez, Arturo Santana, David Villalobos, Donald Jiménez, Édgar Zúñiga, Emilio Argüello, Jacqueline Córdoba, Lilibeth Martínez, Luis Alonso Martínez, Luis Arias, Miguel Angel Brenes, Patricia Rucavado, Rainier Mora, Raúl Gamboa, Roxana Badilla, Rodolfo Varela, Silvia Durán and painter Caludio Cabezas.

The artists will maintain booths or stands where they will show their works, according to the announcement. The event starts Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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