Seven held in driving license scam in Limón province

An undercover judicial agent paid 165,000 colons ($332) to get a commercial license to drive a 75-passenger bus, but only had to take the practical test in a nine-passenger vehicle, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Agents said they detained seven persons involved in the long-running license scam in Limón province Wednesday. Held was the regional head of the Consejo de Seguridad Vial with the name of Mora and a license test evaluator with the last name of Sánchez, said the Poder Judicial.

Judicial agents said that the other five persons, four men and a women, were facilitators who directed license
applicants to the officials.

Judicial police said that the owner of the nine-passenger vehicle drove it during the test because the applicant said he could not drive. The applicant was awarded the license after payment nevertheless, said judicial police.

Prosecutors in Limón is seeking preventative detention against the officials with an allegation of bribe-taking, said the Poder Judicial.

Lesser restrictions were being sought against the other five persons. The Poder Judicial said that the penal code may allow prosecutors to seek charges and stiff penalties against the five as if they were public officials.

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