Some traffic tickets are still frozen awaiting Sala IV action

Some traffic tickets still are frozen while the Sala IV constitutional court considered the specifics. That was the announcement Monday from the Poder Judicial.

Last week the Sala IV constitutional court rejected a challenge to the system of resolving traffic tickets. That meant that the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad can resume hearings on many tickets that have been in limbo.

But not all, said the Poder Judicial Monday as it released a list of seven pending appeals.

Since there still are the seven unresolved constitutional cases, those who received tickets for the same offense can await the outcome of the Sala VI decision. The bulk of the
appeals are about the disproportionality of the fines. Some lawmakers tend to agree, but revision of the new traffic law has been put on the back burner after the current legislature considered changes for a year.

Talking on a cell phone while driving is 220,050 colons or about $442. That is noted in one of the appeals. Other motorists are appealing fines for failing to have seat belts in student transportation, fines for failing to have a current revisión tecnica inspection sticker and even the fine for parking incorrectly.

Two appeals relate to vehicle noise.

The number of tickets that remain frozen due to the uncompleted appeals are believed to be only a small percentage of the 81,000 tickets that had been frozen.

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