Utility lines will come down Sunday on Paseo Colón

The electric company will be on the job Sunday taking down the above-ground cables on Paseo Colón.

This is part of the long-running project to put the city’s utility cables underground. The electrical service already is underground on Paseo Colón, so the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz can dismember its network.

The company said it would start early so the bulk of the work could be done before vehicle traffic increases. The location for the work is from the Hospital Nacional de Niños west almost to La Sabana.
When the job is done, the poles will remain. Some telephone and television cables still are there.

Contractors have been putting cables underground for more than 10 years. Much of the city has services underground although there has been conflict between the various companies. Amnet, the cable company, at one time abandoned all its downtown customers in a dispute over the use of the poles and the cost of putting the services underground.

The electric company and the city are promoting the project to remove visual pollution and to make the utility lines more secure.

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