Why are not thermal units already in place for trash?

For a long now I have heard the government and the autonomous institutions attached to it scream about several things that are lacking and that must be approved on.

Two of those items are trash and the proliferation of landfills and the lack of sufficient electrical power for growth.

The landfills cause much more than simple eyesores. They poison the water and are a huge source of methane that does more to damage the environment than all the cars in the country.

The lack of electrical power is a problem of not enough money to build new facilities and not enough suitable (legally and logistically) to build the non-polluting hydro stations of any size.

Here in the Zona Sur Pacific I have heard of a company named Balboa Pacific being founded that uses a new commercial application of “thermal conversion.”

Supposedly this company is in negotiations with several of the local municipalities for placement of these machines, and the machines are offered at no cost these entities. If the equipment is certified as non-polluting as I have heard and they have the capability of neutralizing all trash while at the same time emptying the landfills and producing 3-6MW/h of electricity each, why is it that these machines are not already in place? Why have I heard nothing in the press if the Munis (I think all five in the Judasur) have been approached?

Michael Walcott
southern zone

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