30-month estimate given for San Carlos road job

The nation’s financial watchdog has approved spending money for a revised San Carlos highway.

The approval allows the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes to spend an addition $140 million that has been allocated by the legislature.

Ministry officials estimate that the highway will be finished in 30 months. The project is designed to cut in half the travel time between San José and San Carlos. The estimated time will be about 90 minutes, they said.

The ministry said that 50 percent of the milk production in the country would travel over this route as would about 60 percent of the pineapple production. They said that the new route would open the way for many more tourists. The Arenal volcano and the town of La Fortuna draw many tourists, and they would use the new road.

The two-lane highway now is difficult and frequently dangerous in foggy or rainy weather.

The new route is the one that was being financed by Taiwan until the Óscar Arias Sánchez administration broke diplomatic ties in favor of the People’s Republic.

The ministry also noted that the legislature this week authorized spending $200 million to improve secondary roads in the cantons of the country. About 1,500 kilometers (about 930 miles) of roadways are involved.

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