Another stash of suspected cocaine found in cab of truck

The seizure of a suspected 60 kilos of cocaine demonstrated Sunday that Costa Rica has not broken up every drug gang.

The country’s anti-drug police conducted 15 raids June 9 as they followed up on discoveries of cocaine shipments discovered last April 29 and June 1. They arrested 10 persons and said that they were involved with Los Zetas, the feared Mexican cartel.

Sunday it was a drug dog that found a stash presumed to belong to another criminal cartel operating here. The dog
managed to sense that cocaine was hidden in the cab of a truck that stopped for inspection at Peñas Blancas at the northern border with Nicaragua.

The 60 packages were found in the roof of the cab after officers conducted a detailed search acting on the dog’s suspicions. Agents think the drugs came by way of Panamá.
The individuals rounded up June 9 are suspected to be experts in shipping drugs overland in hidden spaces in vehicles.

The truck driver was a Guatemalan who was taken into custody.

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