Assault suspect faces his 56th judicial encounter

Police have the stabbing suspect in custody. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública/Ingrid Luna

Police detained a man with an incredible record of 55 serious encounters with the judicial system. This happened Monday in Barrio Cristo Rey when Fuerza Pública officers responded to a call about an attack with a knife.

They detained a 48-year-old man with the last names of Bonilla Arley. They said he had been accused 55 times for attempted murder, murder, aggravated robbery, assault with a weapon, theft, family violence and carrying a weapon illegally, among others.

The victim of the assault was a 36-year-old man with the last names of Astúa Alpízar. He was wounded and hospitalized. The incident happened on Avenida 26 between calles 10 and 8. Officers detained Bonilla as he tried to flee, they said.

Police officials gave no explanation why Bonilla still was on the street with such an extensive history of judicial appearances.

In another Cristo Rey incident, a man with the last name of Rodríguez died there about 2 p.m.

Monday when he was shot three times while walking on the public street, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was 28.

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