Biggest threat is secularism, survey says of evangelicals

Despite many who have criticized Islam, Evangelical leaders around the world say they do not see Muslims as much of a threat to their faith as secularism and popular culture.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life conducted the survey during what it called a geographically representative meeting of global evangelical leaders last year in South Africa.

The survey indicated 47 percent of respondents say Islam is the main threat to evangelical Christianity, but 71 percent put secularism in that category.

Luis Lugo is director of the Pew Forum. “To put it in context, it is not as though it is not seen as a threat, it is just that secularism in its associated practices tend to be seen as much more of a threat,” he said.

Evangelical Christians generally believe in the authority of scripture, the importance of preaching, and conversion – even for Christian-born adherents.

Many leaders said in the survey that there is too much sex and violence in their societies and that consumerism and materialism are at odds with a Christian lifestyle.

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