Canadian firm plans live poker tournament for U.S. players

HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc., operators of the Canadian Poker Tour, Canadian Poker Player Magazine and the Canadian Poker Player Television Network and World Poker Showdown, has announced two major events for the upcoming winter travel season in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

“The poker tourism segment is one of the most profitable of our operations,” said Kelly B. Kellner, president and CEO of HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc., a Calgary, Canada, firm. “These events are designed to capture players from the U.S. market looking for a viable poker outlet given the recent shutdown of several major online sites.”

Kellner said revenues from these events would come from
tournament fees, rake from cash games and pit play as well as sponsorship.

“The events will be televised,” said Kellner. “We are currently in negotiations with several television networks and media outlets and anticipate announcing a deal very soon.”

He also said the properties we have secured are without peer and make for a great destination for even the non-poker players in the family.

According to Kellner, since the filing of indictments against three of the world’s largest online poker sites nine weeks ago, HeadsUp has seen its live poker tournament attendance up over 35 percent across the board and the demand for international events growing even greater. Some of the sites were run from Costa Rica.

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