Degree and experience does not an expert make

It’s a mistake to consider anyone who has a degree and experience in a given subject necessarily an “expert.” His comment:

“In fact, I have found almost no scientists, in my recent studies, who do not harbour strong misgivings about the man-made warming hypothesis” makes him very suspect, since we know there are are not just a few, but hundreds of scientists considered by their peers to be experts that disagree with the letter-writer’s article. How he could “find almost no scientists” who believe in global warming makes us doubt his “expertise” since he apparently is unaware of this larger community or in denial about them.

In any given area where industry is going to have to make some major costly changes in the way they do business, there is always going to be a lot of denial. It is for the same reason a number in the U.S. Congress (mainly tea-partiers) want to do away with the EPA: they get lots of campaign financing from corporations who dislike the regulations the EPA sets, even though most of those regulations were made to protect lives.

Richard & Jean Redmond

EDITOR’S NOTE: The letter refers to the summary and letter published Monday from Canadian Norman Paterson Ph.D. The article is HERE!

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