Dispute near Jacó leaves one man dead and a guard hurt

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

One man died and another suffered injuries in what appears to have been a confrontation at a home in Herradura near Jacó.

Judicial police identified the dead man by the last name of Bolaños. He was 31. Injured was a man they said was a guard at a property. His name is Sibaja and he is 46, they said.
Agents still do not know exactly what happened but it appears that Bolaños came to the home of Sibaja to seek permission to enter the property to look for a lost dog. The guard denied the permission and a fight broke out.

Then other persons arrived and began shooting. Sibaja went to a local clinic for treatment of a gunshot wound. Later the body of Bolaños was found near the scene of the dispute, judicial police said.

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