Dole hosts opinion leaders to promote its policies here

Dole Food Company, Inc., has hosted more than 30 academics, researchers, members of non-profit organizations, opinion leaders and Costa Rican officials during a three-day sustainability summit. Participants were given full access to several Dole facilities, where presentations and field demonstrations emphasized the company’s latest innovations and research efforts in water management, soil conservation, carbon footprint reduction and waste handling, the company said.

Included in the trip were site visits to El Muelle pineapple plantation, Rio Frio banana farm and the New Millennium packing plant, a reforestation and conservation project and the Dole Chile Container Vessel at the Port of Moín. The itinerary was constructed to highlight Dole’s efforts in reducing the carbon and water footprints in pineapple and banana production from farm to retailer,the company said.

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