Downtown theater begins showings of documentaries

The Cine Varidades, the vintage movie house on Avenida 5 in downtown San José, plans to dedicate Tuesdays to documentary films.

The project is in conjunction with the Asociación de Documentalistas de Costa Rica. The screenings will be Costa Rican. The first film tonight is “Las 50 Vueltas.” The film is by Costa Rican Juan Manuel Fernández and was filmed in Cuba during that country’s 50th anniversary of the Communist revolution, said an announcement.

“¿Quién dijo miedo?” is planned for June 28. It is a Honduran film about the coup that ousted Manuel Zelaya as head of state. “Taxi to the Dark Side” is planned for July 5. It is a film about U.S. soldiers killing an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base.

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