Emergency commission invests $6.4 million against floods

The national emergency commission says it is investing about $6.4 million in flood prevention work in Guanacaste.

Officials of the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias were in Guanacaste last week to outline the projects.

Among the jobs is work on the Ríos Palma-Bolson and Cañas-Charco that will help keep nearby communities such as La Guinea, Corralillos, Bolsón and Ortega from being isolated by floods. That is critical because the area is an agriculture producer and flooding keeps the products from going to market and inflicts financial loses on the residents.

This is a $700,000 job, the commission said.

A recent study said that the destruction of a previous dam inflicted harm on the vegetable crop production of the area.

There are five other projects that have been approved for bidding that will seek to channelize the various rivers of the area. Also being put out to bid are geological, hydrological and topographical studies that will assist in the design of a vehicle bridge over the Rio Nosara, the commission said.

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