Haiti prepared for storms U.S. representative says

Haiti is better prepared than it was last year to respond to the annual hurricane season, with emergency equipment and stocks pre-positioned in case of a disaster, a senior United Nations official says.

Nigel Fisher, the secretary general’s deputy special representative to Haiti, told a press conference in Port-au-Prince that “we are far better off than last year,” especially in assessing the areas of the country most at risk.

The Caribbean nation is often beset by hurricanes, and in 2008 was devastated by four consecutive devastating storms within the space of a month.

Emergency preparations last year were hampered because the country was still reeling from the January 2010 earthquake which killed more than 200,000 people and displaced countless others.

But Fisher said the country was further advanced this year, having assessed available resources, pre-positioned stocks of relief supplies, identified temporary shelters and determined major risk areas.

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