Have we lost Limón to crooks and traffickers?

Thank you for exposing and writing this article. Since President Laura Chinchilla has been in office, crime has increased. Home invasions, kidnappings here have spiked. I am not saying it is her fault. The border issue brought this to focus. Costa Rica cannot protect itself from another country or, it seems, from a group of organized thugs!

You could also write the same article here in San José in the barrios they fear. Carpio, Leon 13 to name a few. The thugs, gunman rule these areas as well. I have seen the police hide in their stations at night. The local citizen know they have no protection and they too fear and hide. Taxi drivers will not go to certain areas.

Border police specially trained Ha! The OIJ showing as well they will not and cannot confront the crooks here in any major way. I do not blame companies pulling out of Limón. Question is have we as a nation lost Limón to the drug traffickers and organized crime?? I fear, yes, we have.

Dwayne Egelund
La Uruca

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