Jehovah’s Witnesses inviting public to 2011 convention

Jehovah’s Witnesses have launched a campaign to invite all to hear discussions about the Bible’s description of what many people refer to as the God’s Kingdom. Witnesses are convinced that each of their neighbors will be intrigued and even encouraged by what will be presented at the 2011 “Let God’s Kingdom Come” District Convention from Friday to Sunday to be held at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in San Antonio de Belén, the organization said.

This week Jehovah’s Witnesses is extending a personal invitation to everyone in Costa Rica to attend the three-day event in San Antonio de Belén. The theme is based on several passages of the Bible. How the Bible illuminates and clarifies the import of those words for modern Bible readers will be the focus of the program. Admission to the convention is free, and no collections will be taken.

Locally, all of the country’s English Witness congregations will be supporting this concerted effort to increase awareness of the convention. An estimated 700 will come to San Antonio de Belén over the weekend for the convention.

Witnesses said they look forward to welcoming many non-Witnesses to the convention and believed that all who attend will benefit from the practical and timely information presented.

Throughout Costa Rica, there will be 27 conventions in four cities.

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