Limón marine businessman and staff find company’s boat

Crooks stripped the instruments from the María and painted the hull black

International diving operator Perry Edwards said his associates have been able to locate their stolen boat. The major problem was that crooks stripped the boat of all of its gauges, radio and its two outboard motors.

This was the La María, which was taken while supposedly being watched by Limón port guards. Thieves took the $30,000 boat that was owned by Industrial Maintenance Divers in early May. The story appeared HERE!

Company employees were threatened when they tried to locate the boat in an inlet near Limón Centro. When they returned with law officers, they were fired on by automatic weapons, Edwards said. Apparently there never was a report made of the incident by police or coast guard officers.

“We found the Maria in the same area that we were fired upon,” Edwards said from his Colombian headquarters. “It took awhile by our own means, but we found it. It was painted black and stripped of all gauges plus the motors.
We did call the police, but they were no help. The people who had the hull said that they found it sinking and with no motors. The police accepted that and left.”

Edwards said that his firm offered an $8,000 reward for the boat, and that brought in tips. He still is in search of the outboard motors and said that he had a good idea where they may be. Late Monday he said police in Limón agreed and said they would take action.

Police warned him and his associates against taking matters into their own hands, he said. Edwards has said repeatedly that he is concerned by the lack of law enforcement on the Caribbean coast and said he is concerned that there is extensive drug smuggling there and has not come to the attention of authorities.

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