More downpours and lightning predicted for this afternoon

Heavy thunderstorms swept through the Central Valley again Tuesday with accompanying lightning.

The downpours and the electrical discharges lasted until mid-evening.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the same can be expected for today all over the country.

Another one of those tropical waves is about to pass over, and this will reinforce the usual afternoon instability, said the weather service.

The last such wave also caused heavy downpours and killer lightning. Three persons died Saturday from lightning strikes, and officials have renewed the traditional warnings and urged person to stay out from under trees and bus
shelters during thunderstorms.

Two of the dead were men who chose to finish their soccer game at Parque la Sabana instead of seeking shelter.

An estimated 3,000 bolts rained down from the sky in the Central Valley Saturday. Places like Quepos get 50,000 lightning strikes a year, according to the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, which follows such developments due to its electrical web.

There were brief outages during Tuesday’s storm in some sections of the metro area. So the best advice for today is to carry a good umbrella, but not one with a metal shaft.

Meanwhile the U.S. National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Beatriz has dissipated and turned to the west. The storm is in the Pacific off México, and at one time had hurricane force winds.

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