Not-so-sneak thief grabs bag and bails out of public bus

Passengers in a moving public bus have a reasonable expectation of security, but a technique crooks are now using shatters that belief.

A Canadian resident on her way to Nicaragua found out the hard way Saturday. A crook activated an emergency system and caused the bus driver to jam on the brakes.

The crook then grabbed the woman’s backpack, unlocked the rear emergency door and jumped to the pavement where he was picked up by an accomplice following the bus in a private vehicle.
The woman, Samantha Lowe, a dual Canadian and Australian citizen from Vancouver, was not hurt, but she had to suspend her planned visit to Nicaragua so she could return to San Jose to obtain a new Canadian passport.

The technique appears to be new version. Typically crooks wait until a bus pulls up at a rest stop to pilfer passengers’ belongings. In some cases, passengers are unaware assistants because they leave their backpack or bag unattended on the bus while they go for lunch or coffee.

A companion with Ms. Lowe said that not much valuable was taken. She said she was surprised that this happened in Costa Rica.

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