Now its global cooling that appears to be a threat

I’m amused at the way the media eases in to a potentially major scientific revelation that, according to some experts of the American Astronomical Society, earth is on a cycle of a mini-ice age.  In other words:  Fading sunspots suggest years of impending cold, going so far as “to balance out the negative atmospheric effects of global warming suffered by our planet due to manmade greenhouse gases.”  Psssst!  Don’t anyone tell Al Gore and other global warming gurus their scam is over.

The “easing” part comes with your article titled:  “Climate change linked to ocean currents in new study,” which is explained in the recent discovery of solar activity to effect a missing jet stream and a cooling cycle which is now upon us and due to continue until 2019  (an 11-year cycle).  This is NOW news, not tomorrow’s news.

While scientists (and not the kind like “Hide the Decline”  Michael Mann) figure out the full impact and how to inform the public of a potentially serious climate change in the opposite direction of global warming, countries should probably rethink the advantages of petrol-run cars over hybrids and increasing CO2 emissions, not decreasing them.

Ain’t it a bummer when Mother Natures shows us exactly who is in charge of the planet?  Kind of humbling to realize we are just annoying gnats in the grand scheme.

Mary Jay

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