Prosecutors follow up on TV report and make Parrita arrests

Prosecutors have again acted after a television show revealed possible wrongdoing. This time the arrests were in Parrita.

Agents detained two women and five men Wednesday, including the former mayor of Parrita, Gerardo Acuña Calderón. The bulk of the arrests were made at the Parrita municipal building where many of the suspects work, said the Poder Judicial.

A year ago Telenoticias, the Channel 7 news show, revealed that a number of individuals who supposedly had received Christmas bonuses from the municipality had no knowledge of the payments. Some had worked for the municipality but were no longer employed there.
The television station managed to obtain checks issued to individuals and apparently cashed by a local bank. In interview after interview, Parrita residents said they had no knowledge of the payments.

Prominent in the television show was Acuña. The television station alleged that someone in the municipality had issued the checks and someone managed to exchange them for cash at the local bank.

The women who were detained have the last names of Delgado Barquero and García Sandí. The four other men were identified by the last names of Torres Vargas, Céspedes Durán, Núñez Leiva and Acuña González.
The allegations involve embezzlement of public money, the Poder Judicial said.

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