Rebate proposed for gasoline because refinery has surplus

The agency that sets prices is proposing a cut in super gasoline and diesel of 64 colons a liter and a cut of 63 colons for plus gasoline. That is about 12.5 cents per liter.

The Authoridad Reguladora de Precios de Servicios Público is taking the action because the national petroleum monopoly is running a budget surplus. The price of gasoline is based, in part, on the financial needs of the company, the Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo.
The budget surplus is 62 billion colons or about $124 million, the agency said.

The agency is planning a public hearing to discuss the rebate. The current price of super is 712 colons a liter. Plus is 691 a liter, and diesel is 653 a liter.
The refinery is expected to protest the proposal.

The prices of other petroleum products also are being considered for rebates, including jet fuel and the liquid petroleum gas that many Costa Rican use for cooking.

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