Sámara residents seek more help after murder of tourist

Residents and business operators in the Pacific coast community of Sámara are organizing in an effort to seek better police protection there.

The effort follows the murder of an Argentine tourist as she relaxed in an open-air hotel restaurant Thursday night.

Some Sámara residents say they are upset by the increase in criminality and criminals. Some also believe they lack effective policing.

They do not want their names used and said they were intimidated by the illegal Colombians who are involved in the local drug trade.

Community leaders were planning a protest march Sunday in response to the killing, but there was no confirmation that it actually took place. Said one: “It is a bit scary for us citizens to get involved because these guys are ruthless.”
Dead is 29-year-old Carolina Silva Pacheco. The Judicial Investigating Organization said she was the apparent robbery victim when two men tried to take her portable computer. The restaurant is in the front of the establishment and separated from the roadway by just a low fence. Like many Pacific coast businesses, it is not enclosed.

The women enjoyed surfing, and Sámara has a reputation as a surfing location. In addition, the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo has been trying to generate more visitors from South America.

The judicial police put the time of death at 9:45 p.m.

While she struggled with one robber, a second shot her in the head, agents said.

The area has been plagued by home invaders, and at least two persons in Sámara and the Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula have died during such crimes. Still, the killing of a tourist as she sat in a hotel restaurant is a first.

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