Seemingly without reason, motorist kills man in crash

A 24-year-old motorist was involved in a collision with a taxi early Friday. The driver of another car nearly collided with the vehicles in the accident, then the driver got out and murdered the motorist.

Dead is Alejandro Chacón Marchena, the son of a well-known Central Valley lawyer. He was returning home from a girlfriend’s house when the mishap took place. There does not seem to be a theory as to why an individual not involved in the accident would fire on the young man.

Chacón, the son of Rubén Chacón Castro, was shot about 1 a.m. and died Friday afternoon in Hospital Calderón Guardia. He was hit in the head, said the Judicial investigating Organization. The elder Chacón is known for his legal work on behalf of native Costa Ricans.

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