Skepticism urged of study that says coffee protects

In reading the glowing article encouraging us to drink a half gallon or so of coffee a day, one should immediately hear a warning signal.

These types of one-of-a-kind studies that end up with recommended increased usages of a “drug” are often funded by the industry that’s touting it. and often are refuted by more scientific, impartial studies at a later date.

Like the 500-word, fine-printed disclaimers beneath the glossily printed picture of a person in glowing health, touting one of big-pharma’s latest offerings, study results like these, should be subject to deep consumer scrutiny.
I’m no lab researcher, but as a yoga instructor, and one who enjoys an occasional cup of coffee, I am more prone to believe, that a balanced healthy diet, and regular exercise, are a safer bet to optimum brain health, than to gulping down large quantities of java.

Common sense, and experience should tell one to beware of these types of studies. One need only to have followed the on-going climate debate to see that results based on complicated factors, can be easily refuted.

Anyone who experiences digestive problems, rapid pulse increases, occasional dizziness, or irritability as direct results of coffee consumption, should beware of these types of “initial” studies.

By reading the article closely, one sees words like “seems to” and “likely” which are in no way indicative of solid fact. Common sense tells the reader, and especially anyone who may be sensitive to the detrimental effects of coffee, to treat the recommendation of increasing dosages here with kid gloves.

Hari Singh Khalsa
Playa Carmen

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