Study was misrepresented in global warming note

Sometimes I think that the cause of the “dumbing of America” and surrounding countries is the Internet. Sure, Fox News takes an active part in disseminating fair and balance lies, but the Internet fills cyberspace with ideological rantings, half truths and outright lies which most people with at least two fingers accept without question and forward to 50 of their mindless friends.

In reading A.M Costa Rica this morning (as I do every morning) I came upon one such example. It seems that a certain Mary Jay who doesn’t believe in global warming, and dislikes Al Gore for caring, is willing to accept a new study that she interprets as warning that the next Ice Age is coming. She has fallen prey to the idea that, if you get a sound bite from Fox, hear it from your friend, or read a squib on the Internet or in a local paper, you’ve got the true story. She even quoted the American Astronomical Society. IMPRESSIVE.

I did what she should have done before publishing her scientific understanding of the story. I called the American Astronomical Society and spoke to the gentleman in charge of education. This was not his first call about the study nor the first misrepresentation thereof. He explained:

1. In their “non major” scientific research they found some evidence of similarities to a weather pattern that took place in Europe in the 17th century. People referred to the incident as the Mini-Ice Age as it lowered the temperature by one-third of a degree Celsius.

2. If many prerequisites are met it is possible that this weather pattern could take place in the near future.

3. If this did take place the effect would only be to minimally mitigate the projected 3 degree celsius rise in the temperature all over the world.

4. The society subscribes to the theories of man-made climate change. He said that Al Gore is aware of the study as they speak about their research.

I can only admonish Ms. Jay that while she is afraid to accept the findings of over 90 percent of the world’s scientists, she does not change that in any way by publishing her unsubstantiated opinions.

Arthur G. Nassau
Escazú and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

EDITOR’S NOTE: We give readers a link to a story that suggests ocean currents are the blame for rising temperatures.

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